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On-Site or Remote Home Computer Support

We offer professional on-site repairs on both Desktop and Laptop computers. We will inspect your computer and give it a thorough diagnostic to give you an accurate FREE estimate. We’re friendly, smart and explain things in a way that’s easy to understand.
trained manpower
Trained Manpower
All our techinicians undergo in depth training at our centralised training facility.
Save up to 60% on computer services as compared to the other centres because we work from home and have very minimum overheard. You only pay for the services and not for the showroom.
quick turnaround
Quick Turnaround
We aim to get the issues resolved withing the time frame and meet our customer expectations.

Get total support from startup to shutdown now.

Have a Question? Talk to us one of our experts.
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New Computer Setup

👉Assistance in any kind of Hardware Upgrade, if required, on your new PC in order for you to enjoy your new computer to its maximum capacity.

👉Assistance with any kind of software installation on your PC and make its performance optimum at all times.

👉Upgrading your hardware, such as hard disk, RAM, graphic card and other devices at very reasonable prices.

Slow pc
Slow PC issues

👉Upgrade windows / mac

  • Update firmware software
  • Upgrade all drivers
  • Re-install windows / mac
  • Re-configures / Install software
desktop repair
Desktop Repair & Service

👉Computer Won’t Turn On

👉Noisy Computer

👉Computer Freezes And


👉Computer Fails To Start

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Laptop Repair & Service

👉Laptop Hardware Repair Services

👉For putting security updates on your laptop

👉Improve the performance of your laptop

👉Online support for all the clients

👉Driver installation

👉Virus removal

software installation
Software Installation Service

👉Installing specific software you want in your system

👉Help you in resolving crashed drivers on your system

👉Make your system’s performance optimum at all times

data icon
Data Backup & Recovery

👉Accidents do happen and we do backup & recover data from most situations.

👉We deal with all types of devices: desktop hard drive, laptop hard drive, Mac hard drive or RAID.

👉We also recover data from all media, tapes, digital cameras, memory cards, flash, solid state and many more.

computer network
Computer Networking

👉Enjoy a Game Network in your house

👉Share files with computers within the network

👉Use one printer and scanner for all your computers

👉Use the same internet connection using the Wi-fi setup

👉Create backups on multiple machines in your network

virus removal
Malware and Virus Removal

👉Modern viruses can cause serious problems with system stability and the security of your personal information.

👉Will assist you in removing virus, malware and spyware from your system and make your computer’s performance fast at all times.

👉Will always keep you protected from hacking at all times with our Anti Virus Software.

wifi icon
Wi-Fi Problem

👉Fixing of daily Wi-Fi problems

👉We offer detailed procedure in our guide from where you can fix your issues on your own

👉In case you are not able to fix your laptop connectivity issues we have an option to get it repaired too

👉Instantly fix all Wi-Fi problems

laptop upgrade
Laptop Upgradations

👉Hard disk storage expansion

👉Replacement of graphic cards and installation of additional memory.

👉In addition to it, our software upgrade includes

👉Updating OS versions

👉Anti-virus programs

wifi setup
Wi-Fi Setup

👉Our expert engineer will reach to you instantly and setup a Wi-Fi connection to your computer/laptop.

👉Best Wi-Fi Setup and Installation Services helps you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

👉Wi-Fi assured high speed internet wirelessly.

Lan Setup
LAN Setup

👉A local area network (LAN) is a network connection that interconnects the computer and laptop in a limited area like home, offices etc.

👉A LAN setup allow users to share devices like printer, scanner more conveniently, give easy access to share files.

wifi security
Wi-Fi Security

👉Wi-Fi security software protects you from this kind of threat.

👉We deal with a number of Wi-Fi security software for window 7, window 10, mac etc.

Printer Setup
Printer Installation

👉Printer Set-Up and Scanner Set-Up

👉Share the printer wirelessly / or via LAN with a hub

👉Up to a certain level we can fix or repair.

👉We offer these services without any hidden cost as everything is clear and done on time.

Home Networking
Home Networking

👉Comprehensive home networking installation.

👉Internet connection set-up and diagnosing the problems related to networking.

👉Internet security and parental controls.

👉Back-up and data storage.

email setup
SERVER Based Solutions

👉 Software related solutions ( OS installation both Windows SERVER & Linux also required software installation, )

👉 All kinds of Raid configure RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 50 , RAID 60

👉 Configure all types of Mail Server , File Server , FTP Server , Print Server, Database Server etc.

👉 Virtualization both SERVER & Desktop

Laptop repair


Your laptop is important in your day to day life, and we get that. That’s why we offer same day repairs. Whether you have an Apple, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, MacBook or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise. Toshiba with a cracked screen? We can fix it. MacBook that overheats? We’ll get it to “cool down.” Let us know what the issue is..


Slow PC? PC won’t start? Windows errors? Whatever your PC issue is, you will receive quick PC service that has your computer running like new again.
pc repair
pc diagnostic

Free PC Diagnostics

Get a 1-hour free diagnostic to repair your PC. The turn-around time is the same day to next day. You need your computer fixed right away and we will make that happen for you.

New PC Setup

No problem, we can configure and setup your new computer and transfer all your files from the old computer to your new computer. We will also setup WIF , Printer etc.
new pc setup
residential setup

Residential Services

Diagnosis Virus and Spyware Removal, Operating System Restoral, Network Setup, Maintenance, and Repair, Hardware Installation, Data Transfer Memory Upgrades, Software Technical Support, Comprehensive Diagnostics, PC Tune-up & Optimization, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Firewall Optimization, Printer Service And Repair, New Computer Setup, Networking Setup and Maintenance including wireless.

Residential Email Setup

We can install and configure any email client for example : Outlook, Thurderbird, Mac mail, MS Outlook, and any other email client available in the market.
email setup
computer virus

Malware and Virus Removal

Modern viruses can cause serious problems with system stability and the security of your personal information. Malicious software, or malware, can cause severe PC slowdowns; sometimes making your system virtually unusable. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to remove and then repair the damage caused by malware and computer viruses

Why choose US?

Support tailored to your requirements Pro-Active monitoring of systems Remote Access and Support High level of Customer focus Fast response times Optional regular scheduled onsite visits
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