Frequently Asked Questions

01. What domain name should I choose and register?

This depends on your business name and how you are going to use it.

02. How long does it take for a design to be completed?

It varies from website to website based on the requirement. In the initial consultation, we will provide you the timeline estimates for your project.

If you have the content for your site written before the design process begins, it will help in completing the project quickly. Content should be in electronic format. Not having your copy completed before the design process can significantly delay the completion of your website.

03. ​I already have a domain name, can I use this for my site?

Yes, this is no problem at all. We will assist you in ensuring your domain settings point to your new website.

04. Do you offer a one page website design service?

Yes, we do, please contact us today to arrange this service.

05. ​Is there a contract period with your web design services?

Never. There are no contracts with our web design service 

06. Once you complete website design, who owns the Website?

Once the final payment is received, you will receive 100% ownership of your Website. We will make all the files including PSD files available for you for download. If your website is large and file sizes are very large, we will mail you a CD with all the files.

07. What do I get for my money?

All our designs are created and conceived from your requirements.
We aim to give all our clients ‘value for money’ websites. Every below comes as standard with our designs: –

    • Website Design – your own unique look and feel
    • Domain Name
    • Ethical coding
    • Optimised web pages
    • Optimised graphics
    • Clean Code
    • Cross Browser Compatibility
    • Great Prices
    • A range of solutions
    • Free Support
    • Free Advice

08. Do You Work on An Hourly Basis or Provide A Fixed Price Quote?

We can do both. For small jobs, it is usually best to work on an hourly basis. For bigger projects, it is best that we provide you a fixed price quote. Our hourly rate starts from $49+GST.

09. I Want A Website Similar in Functionality to One Which Already Exists on The Web. How Can You Help?

Just let us know the URL of the site you like, and we will study it and analyse its functionality. Based on this, we will provide you an offer.

10. Once the website is complete, can I update it myself?

Yes, you own the website and you can make changes at any time if you wish. We will show you during the training process.

As we designed your website, it would be easy for us to do changes and you may want to sign-up for one of the website maintenance contracts as appropriate to you. Maintenance contract is a separate service and is NOT required to get web design service from us.

11. Do I need to send a deposit for the work?

Yes, we generally ask for a 50% deposit from clients before the start of the work, 25% after the mock-up and the balance before we take the site live.

12. How do I get my website listed on search engines, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Modern search engines like to find your site naturally ( organic ), through links to your site from other sites. Google especially relies on your incoming links to determine your popularity and relevance.

13. What if I change my mind and want to add or change design or features of my website?

Websites are very flexible. What you start with can change and evolve as you need or want. A website is not like purchasing printed material where once it is printed you are stuck with it as it is. Your website can change any time you want. You can change anything from the text content to the overall design or add new feature to your existing website any time you choose. Keep your visitors interested in returning by keeping the information on your website current and changing the website to include new information.

14. What will you need from me to design my website?

To design and format your Website, we need you to provide us with the following before starting. Additional things such as Power Point presentations, video files, articles, soft copy of forms for downloading are optional and can be incorporated if you have them.

15. Logo Design Query?

Again, we can always use your existing literature to work from. Usually the logos on brochures, letterhead, etc. are more than adequate. If you have your logo in electronic file format, such as .GIF or .JPG or .PNG or .PSD or .TIF format. If you do not have one, we can design one for you.

16. Text or Content query?

If you have (or can get) the text-based information you want on your site in electronic file format, we prefer it this way. Acceptable file formats are .TXT, .WRI, .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, SXW, .ODT, .WPD (Word Perfect), HTML, SXC, .ODS. Our next preference is to scan text from a printed page. Handwritten text is strongly discouraged (and there would be additional fee). If you do not have any existing content, please get it written by a content writer/copywriter, which you can use in your brochures as well.

17. Photos supply query?

Remember that the World Wide Web is a visual medium. If you have photos of your products, services, place of business or even yourself, we will include them. If you have soft copies in .GIF or .JPG or .PNG or .PSD or .TIF format, that is great. Instead, if you have actual photos, we will scan and resize and optimize them for you and include them. If you do not have printed photos, but have photo negatives, we can scan them as well. If you do not have any photos, but have them in your brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, etc. we will scan them even though their quality won’t be as great as the previous options.

18. 25 Word Description & Keywords

Most Web surfers use WWW search engines and directories to find your web site. These search sites use either a description or keywords in their search. Your description should include the words or phrases that someone might use to search for your business/ products/ services. You can submit as many keywords that you can think of. Remember these are words someone might use to try and find your site (i.e., bed & breakfast, or car repairs, etc.), so think of yourself as a potential visitor to your web site. We will help you in deciding those keywords.

19. I already have a website, but I want a new design. Can you help?

Absolutely! we can study your current website, analyse it, discuss your goals, and redesign your website according to your requests.

20. Once my website is live, what I have to do to maintain it?

The site needs to be marketed on an ongoing basis. Fresh information also needs to be put into the site to keep it up-to-date and interesting. If you sign-up for the maintenance contract, we will update the website as and when it is needed, and content is provided by you.

21. What are your Ongoing Costs?

Website hosting, email hosting and the domain registration renewals are the minimum annual costs for any website. If it is an e-commerce website which accepts data via secure forms, you need to renew SSL certificate on yearly basis, unless you purchase it for multiple years. Some website owners prefer to market their site more proactively, make regular updates, send email newsletters etc. Ongoing costs depend on exactly how you wish to use your website.

22. Why are your websites so cheap compared to others?

Our websites are affordable for several reasons:

    • We use a Premium template to create each website –This saves us time and we do not need to charge you on an hourly basis for our time.
    • We work from home –We are based in Auckland and we do not have any flashy offices etc, we work from home and deliver our websites via email to save time and costs.

23. What aftersales support do you offer?

After the completion of a website project we are available for after sales service. Any slight tweaks or amendments are carried out to the site free of charge in the first 2 months. Any support thereafter will be charged at an hourly rate of $49 + GST

If you are interested in a custom website design or have any other questions, please ask us for a quick no obligation website design quote.